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- Kitchen Drains - clog over time and become slow as grease, soap, fats and detergent build up inside the pipe creating a small size (diameter) pipe

- Shower and Tub Drains - Hair and soap scum build up in the trap of the drain is the most common cause for slow draining/clogged shower and bathtub drains. It is important to service these drains often to prevent costly trips from your plumber to clear the blockages which will eventually compromise the integrity of the pipe; if you are looking for boiler repair services in London contact these guys;

- Bathroom Sink Drains - clog due to hair, toothpaste, soap and grime which will also create a bad odor if not maintained

- Toilet Drains - generally clog from the heavy use of toilet paper. Other causes are from foreign items being flushed that aren't meant to be flushed. i.e. feminine products, paper towels, baby wipes, and wash cloths to name a few


- As a client of TBP, we highly recommend a sewer video inspection to determine the integrity of your drain system. This service will allow us a chance to visually see the condition of the sewer (i.e. root intrusion, cracked pipe, offset pipe or broken sections of pipe) line which will ultimately tell us if the integrity of the pipe is compromised. We can then devise a strategy for the upkeep and maintenance for the drain system in your family's home.

- Sign up for our quarterly maintenance program, and have the piece of mind knowing that your investment in your home is well taken care of. In the event of an unfortunate blockage in between service dates,TBP will send out one of our drain specialists immediately to rectify the problem.........FREE OF CHARGE!
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